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Upcoming Courses … October 2016


Price of your investment
Earth building
1 – 9 October 2016 (Queen’s Birthday long weekend)
From $995 AUD

Mud, Dirt, Soil, Dust, many names for the same: EARTH.


We love creating and teaching with natural materials

To run this courses, we have partnered with Akapacha from Argentina , because they know what they do when it comes to natural building.



EARTH BUILDING COURSE: Much more than mud !!!
Bio-tecture living course 


It’s a search for alternatives of other ways to do, make and be. Loose the fear of challenges, experimentation and mistake, and to be open to learning.

It’s about the willingness to create, make, do and share with others. !

The bio-building course is divided in modules, immersed in a collaborative learning environment





  • To learn to build a space, mostly with natural materials that respect the environment, like mud, natural fibres (like hay), rocks and timber.
  • To use recycled and second hand materials and, if we can’t avoid to use cement, we maintain its use to a minimum to minimise the carbon footprint, while still producing a quality structure.
  • To get to know the potential of materials from nature.
  • To know how to evaluate and use the available resources in the locality, to build functional, cosy and warm spaces, being conscious about the many benefits for health that natural materials provide, and demystifying many pre-concepts about them.

A natural building, it’s a “living” entity, that breathes and regulates temperature and humidity naturally, keeping cool spaces in warm climates and warm places in cold weather, all with no carbon emissions !!!
Both the thickness and/or the materials used, provide these insulation properties.”Our participants want to add to their lives, and many times, also to their professions, harmonious techniques and practices,  in line with the current needs of life style change”

Learning principles:


  • Learning by doing
  • Knowing by living
  • Cooperation and Collaboration
  • Empowering and engagement
  • Knowledge flowing and exchange



The living learning path is presented in theoretical and practical modules.

Theoretical modules


These concepts are applied in specific practical sessions that reinforce them; In those practical sessions we also include additional topics.

e.g. for the “mud building” course the modules are:

  1. Bio-climatic architecture
  2. Natural renders and paints
  3. Safety measures (WHS/OHS)
  4. Sacred geometry
  5. Dry toilets
  6. Collaborative economy

Practical modules:


These practical sessions are the core of the learning process and vary depending on the course.

e.g. for the “mud building” course the modules are:

  1. Natural walls
  2. Natural renders, finishing and paints
  3. Materials preparation
  4. Green roof

Our facilitator

The living building course is a cooperative and engaging experience lead by  Gabriel Logarzo, from Akapacha Multiversity, Collaborative Learning Community, and local PuraVida Sustainability facilitators.

Gabriel is an Argentinean qualified builder specialized in natural building, with a broad experience in the concepts to be delivered, and how to teach them in a harmonious process.
The course is a high intensity path, and we encourage your maximum involvement to get the most from the time there.

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