Ecological Edible Landscapes

We build ecological edible landscapes.

We design and build sustainable landscapes that conserves and reduces water consumption, thrives in life, deters plant pests, promotes wildlife, provides food for you and your family.
We try to build not only a landscape, but a small ecosystem, where components are related with each other, working in a team.

From design, through building and renovations, to maintenance.
We are landscapers with a sustainable view, that’s why we try to build landscapes that are in harmony with mother earth.
Our range:

  • Parks and Gardens design
    We walk all the way from design to maintenance.
    Based on our knowledge of Permaculture, Horticulture and Landscape Construction, we not only know how to design sustainable landscapes, we also know how to build them and maintain them.
    That makes our designs beautiful and ecological, and, also really important, realistic and with no surprises.
  • Food forest design and planting
    From a bush tucker backyard forest to the subtropical fruit paradise in your own home, Food Forest are mostly perennial edible plants selected and arranged in a way, that collaborate with each other, reducing pest attacks and maintenance costs.
    We know how to create them and you will enjoy greens, fruits, nuts and herbs all year round!
  • Garden beds building
    Raised garden beds and their filling (we build “no dig gardens”).
    For the food garden beds we focus on using non-toxic materials (Wood not treated with Arsenate), or alternative/recycled materials like stone, recycled bricks or metal sheets.
  • Passive and solar irrigation systems
    If you don’t feel like watering or just don’t want to forget to water, we can build irrigation systems using recycled/rain water and solar power to minimize the energy inputs and the carbon footprint of your plants maintenance system.

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