Vertical gardens

Vertical gardens have been used along civilisation, from the hanging gardens of Babylon to the modern hydroponic green walls and facades systems designed by Patrick Blanc.

In modern times, with the massive migration of people to big cities, those who work and/or live in those concrete dominated spaces, may miss contact with nature, as is demonstrated by the extensive use of parks during the weekends in warm weather.

That’s why building vertical gardens, green facades and living structures, blends nature with concrete, and gives us another chance to reconnect to the natural environment in the middle of city.

From very sophisticated systems, to simple layouts using recycled materials, green walls are a viable system to recreate our bond with nature, and even growing food, flowers and herbs in reduced spaces.

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Benefits of verticals gardens and green living facades in the city

  • Produce oxygen and absorb CO2
    – Through photosynthesis
  • Clean the air
    – Dust and other particles get attached to the leaves and rain runs them down.
  • Activate the air
    – By creating negative micro ions, which are good for us. (negative micro ions are heavily reduced in polluted air areas, e.g. smoking areas, roads and in electroestatic affected areas e.g. rooms with use of screens and computers)
  • Protect walls and facades from ultraviolet rays
    – Ultraviolet rays damage wall surfaces
  • Reduce wall heating
    – Provides thermal insulation, therefor reducing aircon use and electricity consumption. Extremely important benefit in sub-tropical and tropical cities where buildings are heavily reliant on aircons to feel comfortable.
  • Reduce night and day temperature variations
  • Reduce humidity variations
  • Reduce stress and increase good mood feelings in people
  • By using edible plants, increase your local organic and local food production !

7 x 3 m. vertical garden built in Natura-Pacific office, Burleigh Heads, QLD, Australia

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