What is Natural Building ?


Earth – Water – Straw – Sand

“Natural building” is an umbrella term than connotes any sort of building that is accomplished with the use of natural materials primarily, as opposed to the use of man-made or industrial materials.

There is, of course, a blurring of this distinction when any specific material or building technique is examined, because the influence of technology is all-pervasive in today’s world.

Still, it is worthwhile to focus on those ways of building that minimise the use of products that:

  • require considerable embodied energy for their manufacture or transportation (e.g. cement, steel)
  • are not renewable or its disposal pollutes the environment, not biodegradable (e.g. plastics, synthetic/latex paints)
  • are toxic (e.g. asbestos, paints with VOC)

Natural non-toxic materials

The objective is to build with simple techniques that don’t further pollute the environment, consume more fossil fuel, or unnecessarily extract the resources of Mother Earth.

Such techniques, by their very nature, have an aesthetic value that tends to blend in with the environment and “feel” natural.

Generally those natural materials are:

  • Wood
  • Rocks/Sand
  • Soil/Clay/Earth/Mud
  • Bamboo
  • Straw or similar
  • Lime
  • Ferrite/Oxyde/Chalk pigments (for natural paints colours)
  • Living plants (e.g. green roofs lawn)

Natural paints


Do you want to learn how to build with these natural materials?

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Natural Building Course


Building doesn’t need to be difficult, toxic, or just for specialized people. In the past the whole family or community helped to build the family home, as a collaborative whole experience, using the surrounding natural materials. Today, the techniques have changed and sometimes improved, but the materials can be the same as in the old days… and the whole family, friends or community can be part of the process.


Collaborative experience

It may take more time, you will probably need to learn some basic construction skills, you may have to work within regulations and do some maintenance… but hey! it is your HOME … just think about it as a homemade meal with ingredients from your garden, where the whole family or friends participate following a family recipe, as opposed to a take away fast food meal that you buy, use and sell/throw away…


Want to learn more about natural building? check our reference page her5628_931882136907884_5894865942334405615_ne!

Text taken from http://www.greenhomebuilding.com/natural_building.htm, adapted and expanded by PuraVida.

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