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In PuraVida we strongly believe that if we provide ourselves with our needs, we put less pressure on mother earth to provide for us.

It’s our way to conservation, by making our footprint smaller.

That’s why we encourage building naturally, growing your own food, collecting your water, reducing your waste and producing your own energy in order to reduce your carbon footprint, and pressure on natural resources.

By doing so, we decrease our dependence on external destructive systems to provide for our needs, like agricultural, power, building and water systems that destroy natural ecosystems, pollute water, burns fossil fuels, etc.

Therefore giving Mother Nature a chance to recover and heal.

And giving our children and grandchildren better chances for their future


“We don’t inherit our planet from our parents, we borrow it from our children …”

We are a family owned small green business.

Our qualifications range goes from Diploma in IT, Diploma in Education to Cert IV in Permaculture, Cert III in Horticulture and Cert III in Landscape Construction.

Our experience is in education, landscaping, gardening, natural building, community work, permaculture and sustainability.

Want to contact us? just drop an email to info@puravidasus.com.au


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